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District 9 Leadership Retreat

District 9 hosts its chapter leaders from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas (Houston, A&M, and San Antonio) in Texas. Here, the district officers convene to develop a strategic plan and set goals for the year. This meeting also features nationally recognized speakers and lecturers within the field of dentistry. Students have the opportunity to improve their respective ASDA chapters through a series of chapter exchange sessions.

Attendance is limited to district officers. Applications are currently closed for the 2017-2018 cycle.


Why should I attend the District 9 Meeting?

  • Convene as a district to set goals and establish a strategic plan
  • Exchange ideas for chapter development via chapter exchange sessions
  • Network with various dental students within District 9 as well as dental professionals and vendors from across the country

The ASDA District 9 Leadership Retreat was the very first ASDA meeting I have had the privilege of attending, and I was thoroughly impressed. My favorite parts of the retreat were the leadership workshop as well as partnering with my fellow Community Outreach Associates to develop new ideas to meet the needs of our local communities. I’m elated to get to be a part of ASDA’s dynamic District 9 team!
— Tara Bowker '19, District 9 Community Outreach Associate