Become a Member

When you join ASDA, you are given a voice in both your education and profession and a chance to be part of a strong network of future dentists. You will also have the opportunity to develop the leadership skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, dental students attending the University of College of Dentistry pay a one-time due of $100. That's a 70% reduction in dues!* This automatically enrolls you as an Oklahoma chapter and national ASDA member, as well as a student member of the ADA.


*National ASDA dues are normally $88/year.


Oklahoma Member Benefits

General Members

  • Automatic student membership to the ODA and ADA

  • Access to members-only social events, like Casino Royale and various sponsored social hours throughout the school year

  • Free entrance to the Loupes Fair, as well as the Fall and Spring Vendor Fair

  • Eligibility for scholarships to national ASDA conferences

  • Eligibility for ASDA Fever Award by earning points from event attendance

  • Eligibility for social media campaigns and contests

  • Member spotlights via social media

  • Access to award-winning publications and writing opportunities: Sooner Smiles - Journal, Brush Up - Newsletter, and the website blog


In addition to the above, Oklahoma ASDA leaders receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • A voice in the development, planning, and execution of programming to meet the objectives of the organization

  • Unique leadership, mentorship and networking opportunities

    • Build lifelong relationships with dental students and professionals from across the country

    • Develop relevant leadership skills

  • Priority selection for attendance to national ASDA conferences

  • Eligibility for scholarships and awards presented at the end-of-the-year banquets


National Member Benefits

Be a part of something bigger than you, but better because of you.
— Dr. Daryn Lu '15, Oklahoma ASDA Alumnus
The benefits of my ASDA involvement is unmatched by any dental school experience thus far. I am able to hone valuable leadership skills for real-life practice, all the while advocating for the profession.
— Lynna Van '19, Oklahoma Chapter President