OUCOD Student Organizations

Student Council  (STUCO)

STUCO's purpose is to be the students' voice to the administration and the rest of the HSC.

President - Rand Alzubi

Vice President - Greg Stewart

Secretary - Hidayo Elmi

Social Chairs - Sarah Khyati & Madeline Osborn

Treasurer - Alicia Murray

Late Tray - Shuhad Shambille

SGA Senate - Joshua Brock, Clark Plost, Dylan Droege, Quynh-Anh Pham

SGA Senate Proxy - Ashley Johnson & Sally Collma

Community Service Chair - Samirah Mohamed

Green Chair - Tara Beard


Albert F. Staples Society

The mission of the Staples Society shall be to: [1] provide service to the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry; [2] promote interaction of faculty, staff, students and residents; [3] fulfill emergency needs of the OUCOD family and; [4] provide service to the community. Staples shall sponsor and promote such activities, as it deems advisable and necessary in the furtherance of these purposes.

President - Javeria Ahmad

Vice President - Eman Khan

Secretary - Amanda Akkari

Treasurer - Dylan Droege


Rural Interest Group

The Rural Interest Dentistry Group was designed for dental students that have an interest and passion for working in rural areas. Our goal is to connect dental students with rural practicing dentists for mentorship, associateship, and potentially partnership. Our group does this by arranging for dentists to come share their special stories and tips at the College of Dentistry, allowing opportunities for networking with these doctors personally. The need for competent and passionate dentists in the rural areas is ever rising therefore opportunities for successful practices in these areas are endless.

President - Jamie Bell

Vice President - Tara Bowker

Secretary - Karlee Brownlee

Treasurer - Michael Ahlborn


Diversity Council


NEW Student Research Group

The Student Research Group - Oklahoma Chapter was started by Dr. Jeanne Hibler and Dr. Manville Duncanson in 1985.  The Chapter is dedicated to the promotion of dental research and is open to any individual who has an interest in dental research. 

The purpose of this chapter is to:

  1. Promote student research in dentistry and its related disciplines,
  2. Promote the advancement of dental research and scholarly activity,
  3. Inform students of opportunities in research and educational careers in dentistry, and
  4. Advance the goals of the American Association for Dental Research as they relate to student research.

Co-President - Eman Khan

Co-President - Lynna Van

Immediate Past President - Scott Street

President-Elect - Amanda Akkari

Treasurer - Tarandeep Pannu

Secretary - Savneet Basati

Publications Editor - Shelby Steffenhagen