Oklahoma ASDA Rewards


Get involved and get rewarded! For each item you complete or event you attend, you can earn points. The member with the highest earned points will win the ASDA Fever Award, attend the High Noble Medals ceremony at the end of the year and receive a cash prize or a scholarship to a national meeting. Runners-up are also eligible for prizes.

*Executive Officers are not eligible for this point system.

Find all of the ways you can get involved below:

Social Media

  • “Like” our Oklahoma ASDA page: 1 point

  • “Like” our District 9 Facebook page: 1 point

  • “Like” our Oklahoma ASDA Facebook page: 1 point

  • Follow Oklahoma ASDA on Instagram: 1 point

  • Follow Oklahoma ASDA on Snapchat: 1 point

  • Post a photo from an ASDA event and tag “#oklahomaasda”: 1 point

  • Get featured on our daily hashtag campaign: 3 points


  • Attend a Lunch and Learn: 3 points

  • Win Dental Olympics (awarded to all members of the class): 3 points

  • Attend the CAL (Career Advancement and Leadership) Conference: 7 points
  • Attend an ASDA GetFit event: 4 points
  • Attend an ASDA social event (Happy Hours, Shimstock): 3 points

  • Attend a Vendor Fair: 3 points

  • Attend the Loupes Fair: 3 points

  • Attend Casino Royale: 3 points

  • Attend ODA Pizza & Politics: 6 points
  • Attend the ODA Fall Festival: 6 points

  • Attend the Open Wide Golf Tournament: 3 points

  • Attend the ASDA 5K: 5 points

  • Volunteer at a Pre-Dental event: 6 points

  • Volunteer at a Community Outreach (OkMoM, Oral Health Fair, etc.) event: 6 points


  • Write an article for the Oklahoma ASDA blog or newsletter (Brush-Up with ASDA): 7 points

  • Write an article for the Oklahoma ASDA journal: 10 points

  • Write an article for a National ASDA publication: 10 points


  • Attend a state Lobby Day: 10 points

  • Attend a District 9 meeting: 10 points

  • Attend a national meeting (NLC, Annual Session, ADA Student and Dentist Lobby Day): 10 points


  • Apply for an Oklahoma ASDA Committee position: 10 points

  • Apply for a district leadership position: 12 points

  • Apply for a national leadership position: 15 points


  • Become an ADPAC member: 10 points

  • Become a DENPAC member: 10 points

  • Be an Oklahoma ASDA member: priceless


How do I log my points?

Our Membership Coordinators keep track of attendance at our events, so make sure you sign in! For non-trackable items, fill out the form below.

Name *
Ex: registered for ADPAC, wrote an article for Mouthing Off, etc.

Did you do/attend something not listed above? E-mail us at info@oklahomaasda.org for consideration.